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Prygunki allow

If the child sleeps in one bed with adults, do not use down pillows and quilts.The mattress should be firm.Besides, you should exclude reception of alcoholic beverages as distribution of a smell of alcohol can badly influence the child.Children's prygunka Prygunki this special adaptation which consists of a children's chair, an elastic powerful spring and cables.Being in prygunka, the child can jump, make some steps.Prygunki allow the kid to see world around in a new way absolutely.The soft, conveniently designed chair supporting a body of the child at jumps, allows to be in space without support of the adult person.


L.A.Korostyleva.SPb., Vyp.Page E.Ericson.Childhood and society.SPb., Children's subculture in space and timeAs a whole it is possible to tell that the children's subculture allocates is defined ~ny set of difficult communicative situations, regularly reproducing ~ in life of children of years for which develops steady ~reotipny strategy of the correct behavior, provided to a sootvetstvo ~yushchy verbal cliches.Usually these strategy to some extentaccustom the members of children's community becoming by carrierschildren's subculture.

The clever

So, in intellectual exercises repetition not only improves process, but also accelerates it.At school as the clever consider the pupil who not simply understands, but understands quickly.The sluggish, learning set volume for longer term, we will tell in two years, instead of in a year, is called as lagging behind.The clever child disregards nothin he is always collected, ready to perception of any incentives.The balance of good scales depends on the slightest change of cargo, and the sensitive brain also sensitively reacts to each appeal, instantly associates.

It demands

Conscious participation in productive work assumes first of all understanding of public value of work, desire to carry out the action which result is useful to other people.It demands also ability to operate together with others, together to achieve receiving the set product.Work demands a known level of development of the thinkin allowing to plan the actions and to provide their results.Especially high requirements are shown by work to strongwilled qualities to ability to subordinate action of a definite purpose, meaningly to regulate, overcome them arising difficulties.

But its studying

It turns out, we are engaged for a long time with children in grammar, it is necessary to continue only.It seems, this very difficult occupation.Well also that Grammar this scarecrow not less awful, than a terrible ancient way of training to reading and the letter.But its studying can turn into the fascinating occupation conducting to finding of remarkable things.The child sees, how the phrase leaves from under his feather, and is happy, as was happy once, having combined the first word.The grammar is wonderful! When it kindly and unostentatiously helps to build offers, it any more will not confuse with that monster which dismembers the phrase so that it is impossible to understand anything.

Clean! Toy wars

force to do nothing! Let all unpleasant emotions connected with your pressure and with its opposition will be forgotten.Clean! Toy wars I will not be.Clean!!! I will not be!!! Why to you such dialogue You will not be, well and it is not necessary.I clean itself.Expensive toys, give I will classify you, on yashchichka, in your favourite places.Also start them to display.Joyfully, with enthusiasm.If you are afraid and it is not vain that the room fast will turn into a huge dump, put things in order.

For a thousand

Let's put at first one bead unit, then a core with ten beads length about cm ten, then a sotenny chain cm one hundred and, at last, a thousand chain in length about meters.,, it is possible to spread out on a table, to investigate with convenience.For a thousand chain there will be no also whole class.It is necessary to leave in a corridor, even in a yard.To one person not under force to spread out a thousand chain some children should stretch patiently it, and then it is necessary to pass still many steps to see a chain entirely.


night or day dream of the kid.When you reserve tickets, take care of that all members of the family sat next.Strengthen luggage bags additional belts.If you have a harmonious carriage umbrella, take it with itself.On a carriage it is much more convenient to overcome huge spaces of halls of the airport.Try to arrive to the airport for minutes earlier, than you do it usually.Probably, it is required to check a children's chair or to change a diaper.Dress the kid in soft, convenient clothes.Take in salon pair of blankets.Before landing in the plane change to the kid a diaper.

The child

In the direction to an order Once having entered into work, having learned, the child works persistently, and we see on graphics a normal mode, that is initial work, a pause the child comes back for a while to bad habit to disturb another, then the line of a lot of work and rest where line falling return to former shortcomings again repeats.At schedule tops, except interest to work, the teacher noted goodwill.The child is not simply quiet, it is happy, gentle.On dive of work looks back at friends, smiles to them, without interruptin however, the intense work.Speak, the full internal satisfaction is a source of the love arising from depth of soul.

As met then

the small lamp and they departed.And further there are variations as the butterfly met mother, as both they rejoiced and to the Glowworm told Thanks.As met then Glowworm to Muravyishka, zaplutavshy among blades, and as to it helped.And as the small spider repaired the web under light it small lamp and as they cheerfully talked.And as at a dawn, when there was a sun, played game of tag with the Grasshopper.Etc.– as it will want.Now every evening the small Glowworm leaves on the watch.Both looks, and listens.Also meets a miscellaneous insects.

I now felt

Supervision were conducted for the child who has not received any religious education.Once he burst out crying without any visible reason.Mother who has run up with questions, the kid answered I remembered, how two months ago on the street tormented a puppy.I now felt it.In a year the same repeated.In the evenin looking at the moon and the star sky, the child again began to cry.Do not abuse me he told to parents looking in the sky, I felt, how many chagrin caused to you, and I understood that offended God.This interesting research shows us stages of natural development of moral consciousness.


But further situation changes.Development of joint activity and formation of children's society lead to that the gain of a positive assessment of contemporaries and their sympathy becomes one of effective motives of behavior.Children especially try to win sympathy of those contemporaries which are pleasant to them also which are popular in group.In the preschool childhood motives of vanity, selfaffirmation develop.Their starting point arising at a boundary of the early childhood and preschool age separation of from other people, the relation to the adult as to an example of behavior.


In conditions where there is racial discrimination, the small child can become very quickly on a position of the representative of surpassing race and to incur in itself a set of those defects which is generated by psychology white, above other races, or to become on other party on a position outcast that will inevitably lead to inferiority complex development.Principles of the Declaration proclaim that to the child full possibility for games and entertainments should be provided.So, for development of the child society creates toys which define features of the content of childish subject sports, features of an orientation of the child on the world of people.

Yes, it was the small

The Worm included the small lamp, looked round around and saw that on the next tree, on the highest branch, the beautiful cries being.– You who – the Glowworm asked.– I am a Butterfly.And I was lost.Yes, it was the small butterfly.Describe – compose together with the child as it, the butterfly, looks, relying on experience of the kid.It told to the Glowworm as did not obey mother.As did not want to sleep in the bed from flower petals dark blue, red, yellow.As departed and lost the way.I will help you, fly after me! – the Glowworm worm told.


On a dustbin of a thing it is possible to throw, kick, break, trample down.Boysoften go there to beat about asphalt glass bottles.Or having sharply distributed ~ a foot densely closed plastic bottle which bursts withloud sound.Children realize the aggressive desires.It is characteristic for ~written the author the dialogue occurring between two boys of yearsto twelve.They investigated a lot of garbage about the container, raspinyvytheir feet.And here one of them rolled away aside big plastic ~ and with concentration looks for ~ still.The friend asks it That youthere you look for The boy answers I want to torment here a bottle and a stopper fromit I can not find in any way.

Figurative, rhymed, easily

Centuries texts of the parent passed from father to sonthe folklore, turned to children.In them appeared fixed ~ly successful according to the contents and in a form ways of training of the child ~niya of own body.Figurative, rhymed, easily being remembered flew ~ pestushka, poteshka, fingertype games were wellknown.And therefore eventhe silliest and careless teacher who used them, will ~bondage developed the child according to put in these texts a sack ~turny program of development of space corporal I.If we address to other genres of parent folklore, ~measures to lullabies to songs, and there we will find presence cultural about ~the gram which purpose is symbolical representation of the main about ~stranstvenny coordinates of the world where the child after birth entered.

Arrange diapers

Try to find forces for maintenance of a good sincere spirit.We will tell you about some cunnings which will help to facilitate your burden slightly.Arrange diapers and clean clothes of kids at once in chetyrekhfive places in the house.It will allow you to keep energy and more time to give to kids.Take care of itself.Try to leave the house everyone The th WEEK of times when such opportunity is given.Well eat and have a rest, when your children sleep.Try to keep the energy.Invite the assistant on the care of children at some o'clock in day.Invite the assistant on an economy.

In this

Real and imagined in children's drawing.One more factor causing an orientation of the maintenance of children's drawings, extent of orientation of the child on real and imagined reality is.On a substantial orientation of children's drawings we can conditionally divide children into realists and dreamers the first represent subjects and natural phenomena, real events of ordinary life of people; the second the impracticable desires, dreams and dreams.In this regard it is necessaryspecially to note that, the children become more senior, the more often in drawings dreams and desires are presented.Besides, it is possible to point to interest of children to absolutely special fantastic world.

The simplest

So, if you leave not on couple of hours, and more, leave explanations and interesting occupation for the .For the kid if mother leaves for all day it is possible to make Sun travel.The simplest option – on magnetic board attach day regimen the spoon, a plate is a breakfast, a bed – it is a dream, the path and a tree is a walk; etc Play several times with the kid in such fairy tale as the sun goes on the sky, and the kid and mother – that they do in it we say lies on the earth.Movement the sun it is necessary to connect with a day regimen – and to move on health.

Protect the child

What to do.At an early stage of an illness, in active vysypaniye, it is necessary to isolate the child from contact to other children and adults.For decrease in temperature and reduction of discomfort give to the child an age dosage .Give to the kid liquid enough.Look after skin of the child.It should be pure.Bathe the child in warm, but not to hot water.It will help to reduce an itch.Call the pediatrist.It will arrive to you and will examine the child.Protect the child from measles by means of preventive inoculations! When to call the doctor.If measles are accompanied by high temperature, irritation and skin or accession of a secondary infection call the doctor.

In development

Possibility to catch property of a melody to isolate sounds in a word arises and develops as the preschool child himself seizes ability to change movement of the voice device according to features of heard sounds, to reproduce them.In development of acoustical perception essential value and movements of hands, feet, all case.Being arranged to a rhythm of pieces of music or verses, movements help the child to isolate it see the nd flyleaf, at the left, above.The child starts to show feeling of a rhythm actively and out of perception of music or verses, itself making rhythmic movements and saying words in a certain rhythm.

But where

Namely so – a symbols and in the way – thinks of our subconsciousness.But where to take it is so much fairy tales that sufficed on everything life experiences In the heart, the head and – in this book.Here you will find helps how to compose own fairy tales, for own children.Adventure, informative, romantic, heroic … at you it is easy it will turn out, here only it is important to begin, only to allow any to the fairy tale to squeeze into doors of our usual world.Once upon a time there were … and Once long ago …, and further – that at you before eyes or on to soul.

Where children's group

The choice becomes in favor of the smalland thin, less independent, more toy.Now bared ~ the space is desert, there nobody plays there is nothing to be attached,it is difficult to adhere game to a naked, dead place.Where children's group and game life boils, usually prospersand the children's subculture, helping to direct and socially to issue about ~shcheniye and game.Not without reason names of separate types of children's folkloreadults often adhere to those places where children to them actively use ~ street schitalka and draznilka, domestic games, folklore ~ny lavatories and pottery kindergarten.

Where turn

V~tretyikh, a lavatory this place lonely, boundary, not mannedpeople, but noted by presence of terrible beings even in most ~to binka where the child enters there it is possible to meet a lot of thick ~~, stretched the web, hard buzzing dark blue flies,the hornet's nests stuck to a lintel.Where turn everywhere ~ with ~ small, but the aggressive owner of this place, andthe person who has settled down in a lavatory, appears at some pointthe absolutely defenseless.In general the impression that the increased unattractiveness is madeour lavatories and an abundance of frightening details of their internal deviceeven in house rural nuzhnik where it is so easy to give everything in ~dock, are caused not only low household culture of the population.

It is clear

Look, what it beautiful! the little girl suddenly speaks, admiring snowdrift.It is clear that to clean such beauty to it it would not be desirable.Toy wars Unforeseen stop.Also what now to do But mother appeared at height.Arin, let's put to a wall closer.In a package we will clean and we will put, and that somebody will go, will touch, will break.Having a little thought, the girl agrees.Full order and clean floor.Snowdrift in cellophane packing perfectly looks in a corner.

The difference

I understood them more clearly, than that is said by external voices.I could not reproduce this voice if it is possible to call a voice something silent.This voice created words and represented them to my consciousness.Sacred Theresa life is filled with descriptions of similar events.So she tries to let know to us, using absolutely improper here language of feelings what to devour seen not with the eyes, but soul.The difference between the internal images arising at laymen, not so sacred people, and hallucinations of mentally ill people is notable.At mentally ill people, owing to cerebral cortex excitement, the old images which have remained in touch memory, are reproduced and projected outside where, because of their external sensornost, are perceived sick as reality.

We in Italy

The pleasure is health inflow.We in Italy have one more proof of influence of spirit on physical health.After abolition of the death penalty in the country of criminals began to punish a life imprisonment.In modern prisonschambers are arranged according to requirements of hygiene and cannot formally put harm to health.However in the chamber there is no spiritual food.Naked gray stone walls, a narrow strip of the earth where it is possible to breathe fresh air.Round prison the fine nature, but hidden from eyes of the prisoner.

As soon as the experimenter

Actually the experimenter solved, to whom to be successful.It is interesting to note that that child to whom constantly carried, appeared on special situation in relation to two soon unsuccessful.Two united against the successful they expressed every possible displeasure in its occasion, remembered itformer faults before them and its offenses of the general character.As soon as the experimenter changed a situation and success got to another, very quickly there was a regrouping in the relations of children new successful also got to a situation of emotional isolation.The laying claim child needs to be empathized recognized, to rejoice pleasures of the winner.

§ Preconditions

Only subsequently, at preschool age, these parties will merge, creating a basis for mastering by more difficult forms of thinking.§ Preconditions of formation of the personality in the early childhood During mental development of the child occurs not only assimilation of various actions and formation of mental processes and the qualities necessary for their performance.The child gradually seizes forms of behavior peculiar to the person in society and, the main thin by those internal lines which distinguish the person as the member of society and its acts determine.The adult person is guided in behavior by mainly realized motives it realizes why in this case it is necessary to arrive exactly so, instead of differently.

Simple recipesAs

Remembered make, that's all.If to do it NekrasovasZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.quite regularly, the general raises an organism,ulybchivost and tranquillity.In principle, allsoothing and obshcheozdorovitelny effect prayers, psalms, mantras etc.possess.They should be applied and at communication with children and they at carry not less advantage, than at communication with the priest.Simple recipesAs soon as you passed away, to you alreadysimple recipes can quite help.Do not erase on trifles.Letbig washing in kotois gatheredswarm also children uchastvo, by the way, can, but liberate during a weekit is more than time for life.

One likes

And on the contrary, there are adult people, which, as children, ~ to develop a creative approach in development of transport and an urban environmentalso put to itself new research tasks in compliance with the adultsto possibilities.One likes to go by different cars.It is carried away by process on ~ the driver, ready to bring up, interestingly to learn character of the driver onto how it operates car.It tried almost all brands ~is more white and is proud of that went for work on a fuel truck, on ambulance,by the collector car, gaishny, technical help, grocery and onlyfrom superstition did not use funeral special transport.

It is not displayed, and simply

Rita ,, addresses to Lena ,, You will have here this counter shows a counter.It is halved.It is not displayed, and simply strip.There will be a hedgeho and here a chicken shows on both ends.Here if at it showing on Serezhu a hedgehog or a chicken, it encloses a hedgehog to a hedgehog.And if the chicken, it to a chicken encloses.And then it will have on that party a butterfly so you addressing to Lena and a butterfly will put.Here and will play.And if you, have no Lena.

On the road

If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDThe family goes to long automobile travel Travel on own car it is the most widespread and convenient type of rest.You can stop, where and when necessary.During car movement even whimsical children become quieter.On the road it is not necessary to arrange competitions to other cars or to set up records for the speed.Remember that in the car you answer not only for the safety, but also for safety of your kid.Try to make travel pleasant for all his participants.

Oncethe baby

We at school had a girl, whose parents quite with hostility treated religion.Despite interest to school occupations, she always felt restlessly.Even receiving fine estimates, the child showed even more concern, irony as if suffered from disappointment.Oncethe baby took aside the schoolmate and asked it to read Our Otche.Having listened to a prayer, the girl, obeying an internal rush, went to a grand piano, her hands shivered.The soul sought consolation.Nothing could give it rest, besides the only thing its loving family tried to deprive of that.The soul of the child lived, looked for the way As thirsting deer aspires to a source so my soul aspires to you, My God! It did not plunge yet into a gloom which so complicates to the adult person comprehension of the secret which is so available to the child.

Do not exceed

Give to the kid plentiful drink.Let's to the kid have a rest.Do not dress him too warmly.As the febrifugal can give paracetamol.Do not exceed the recommended dose.Attentively follow indications of the instruction.Pay attention and to other symptoms of a disease.When to call the doctor.It is difficult not to panic, when at the kid body temperature is increased.You want to know that occurred to the child, only or weeks, immediately address to the doctor.

It, of course, does

It is easy to see that the pedagogical age periodization does not coincide with the psychological.In it crisis turning points in development are noted.It, of course, does not mean that education does not reckon with them.The program of education make differentially for every year of stay of the child in educational educational institution and in it consider psychological features of each age.§ Specific features of mental development of children Rate of mental development.In mental development of children essential individual distinctions are observed.

This place

This place, where something ~ in anything or in it is not known that.This place of transition, transformation,boundary between material definiteness and stability and ~catfish of disintegration and transformations.Therefore it becomes equal can a place, whichinduces the person to further destructive activity or, on ~the turn, inspires on that from fragments old to create ~ with ~all new.Problem of vital transformations and its communication with possibilities creating ~Russian cabbage soup of will of the person treats one of the major, deep problems ~lovechesky life.At intuitive level the child starts to investigate itvery much early, on vtorom~trety year of life.


Distinction consists in character of these assumptions for the psychologist it assumptions that, what features of mental processes, qualities, properties of the personality develop in process, for the teacher how, what ways can achieve good results in training and education of children.Different types of experiment are, as a rule, combined among themselves in the same research.At first make usual experiment in this case it is called as ascertaining to fix at children that level of development of studied mental process or quality which developed in usual conditions of education.

At preschool

Only in this case politeness from shown behavior will pass to strong skill.L and R g and DEVELOPMENT of FEELINGS§ Features of feelings of the preschool child In captivity of emotions.At preschool age as well as in the early childhood, feelings dominate over all aspects of life of the child, giving them the coloring and expressiveness.The small child is not able to operate yet the experiences, it almost always appears in captivity at the feeling which have grasped it.,, Rudi, operating with a hammer, diligently tried to beat a nail to a stick a tag from a matter.The nail was not driven in, despite repeated attempts of the child.

In the first

But also then communication of words with subjects designated by them and actions long remains unstable and depends on those circumstances in which the adult gives to the child verbal instructions.In the first months of the second year of life of a word of the adult, relating to any familiar child to a subject, cause demanded action only in case this subject is before his eyes; So, if before the child the doll lies and the adult speaks to it Give a doll!, the child follows instructions of the adult, reaches for a doll.If the kid does not see a doll, words give a doll cause rough reaction to the voice of the adult, without leading to toy search.

The knowledge

The child chooses developing occupation and works hard, directed by interest to a touch material which helps it to distinguish one subject from another, to choose, argue, correct the mistakes.The knowledge acquired by such way, is not only the reason of internal education, but also a motive power of progress.Passing from simple objects to more and more difficult, the kid becomes the owner of the knowledge, moreover, by means of an internal order and the reached skills creates character.So, providing to pupils freedom, we leave them on care of own reason, instead of an instinct as it is considered to be, meaning by the word instinct that is inherent in animals.

The etymology

Here ours I become similar onoctopus who stretched in different directions the feelers, having fixed onstones and seabed ledges, and successfully resists to a current.Puteshestvennik~passazhir, on the contrary, comes off the acquaintance and an abutment ~chivy also it appears in a situation where all around floatingly, it is fluid, ~stoyanno types behind transport windows flash, enter and leave ~my people around.The etymology of the word passenger says that itthe person moving through and that permanently also costs ~but on a place.By and large, the most reliable and stable element from ~menchivy situations round the passenger he is, its own I.

Therefore, though

Therefore, though in kindergarten on occupations with children widely use game receptions of trainin tasks on drawin designing etc., gradually start to give them and educational tasks where before the child set the direct purpose to learn something new.Performance of educational tasks is based on growing inquisitiveness of children, emergence in them informative interests.Educational tasks are directed on training of children to the beginnings of mathematics, the diploma, their acquaintance with natural phenomena and public life, on formation at them the koordinirovanny movements, some skills in the field of musical activity singin rhythmics, etc.

Share cares

Researches show that if the father is involved in care of the kid from the moment of the birth, and during life it will be a reliable support to the child.Involve the father in care of the kid.Washin change of diapers, feedin calm allthese manipulations can do and the father.Share cares of the kid.Trust each other.The tummy of the kid starts to work as an alarm clock.The child wakes up, when is hungry, and fills up, when is full.V Jrd WEEK Researches show that women who are helped by husbands, feel motherhood more sharply.

So why and to us not to use Its recipe

And also fantasts and storytellers, screenwriters and directors.So why and to us not to use Its recipe is very simple the different undertake components, develop in one heap and properly mix up..To take – to combine – to mix, that's all.And from such reconfusion that always turns out, brand new and entertaining.And to confuse it is possible differently to mix the hero and the fairy tale to mix two different fairy tales everything to mix And then of this confusion to get out.It is very convenient way when it is necessary to borrow with something urgently the child, and anythin well, to the head does not come.

The doctor

The seller serves buyers.The doctor treats patients, it is helped by the sister etc.The aspiration to reproduce in game of relationship of adults leads to that the child starts to need partners who would play together with it.From there is a need to agree with other children, together to organize the game including some roles.In joint game children study communication language, learn to coordinate the actions with actions of another, study mutual understanding and mutual aid.Association of children in joint game promotes further enrichment and complication of the content of games.

To it tell

Do, as I.The child in representation of adults matures, without developin and imitating.As if the father speaks to the son Look, what I big.By the evening when I will return from work, you should grow up on centimeters.Education is simplified to a limit.To the child read heroic history and order Be the hero.To it tell about a good act and advise Be virtuous.To it point to the unusual personality and demand Become great thinking that set the kid on the right path.If children show aggression, malevolence them convince that they have everythin they should be happy, having parents.

Fairy tales

; what character at it harmful, appeasable, the fighter, terribly timid, etc.; that he very much does not love; that he likes to eat, for example, or to have a sleep; it possesses what properties in our option, for example, that see nobody the Invisible bein and all hear; think, as these its features can be beaten.Fairy tales compose not only kids.School students too willingly compose fairy tales.And absolutely already the fantastic boom begins at many teenagers, both at boys, and at girls.

You travelers, travelers

Do not straighten out.And leave alone.And – think, think … Lifesaver How to tell, that it wanted to listen Comfortably and in embraces.Or, at least, having taken seat more densely near.Tell slowly.Smoothness of speech to the fairy tale very much it is necessary.You are not athletes on a skateboard which are torn to the finish.You travelers, travelers in the unknown worlds.And then your speech – sample for the child.the sample draws from you.Copies your speech.

At local children

There always there are some long ice descents,filled in with adults.At local children the festivities in this yard are called to go on a bomb.In good winter weather there happens on ~ten children at the same time.Behind an airraid shelter is twostoreyed ~tuyushchy building of kindergarten with the beatenout windows.It costs on the openplace in a yard, it is looked through from all directions, and the homeless there not ~Photo M.SanfirovFig.The pose of the ten years' boy hanging on a tree, is very characteristic it embodies those principles of research of possibilities of own body,which are typical for this purpose .

If ~ happens, he will

The forward door is closer to the driver, which dale ~wives to be attentive to weak.If ~ happens, he will heartheir shout quicker, than published.So conversation on people in transport will reveal to the child secret of, how themrelationship is symbolically fixed in the organization of the socialbus spaces.And it will be interesting to younger teenagers to think how to chooseto itself in transport a place, from where it is possible to observe all, and most to be ~the mint.Or as it is possible to see eyes a situation round itself, standing to allback The idea is close and attractive to the teenager conscious ~ the person of the position in a social situation and existence different that ~the check of sight for it, possibilities of cunning game with them for example, ~reflection vaniye in a mirror window etc.

Fairy tales

If support is not present also a difficultyproblem are not overcome, in the past it is possible to hang.And it, naturally, disturbs, as the weight which has been hung up on a foot, to move forward.Fairy tales in to any measure can become such useful kickback, a withdrawal, timely retreat in happy days and a consolation, they will help the child to experience very important condition you nearby, you love, you always protect it.Certainly, it does not mean that you should read aloud the Chicken , and it – to you attentively to listen and pictures to consider.Though such happens.Senior Alex, the cool guy and the most otjyavlenny in the small town, managed to catch flu.

The main

The fairy tale about a doll Katya who became such big that presented pampers to a small doll to Julia, and itself began to do – on a pot.The fairy tale about the fast hare, which quicker than the Bear rode and sat down on a pot.The fairy tale about the boy of the Sweetie, which itself learned to write and pulled on itself panties.The main thing here – to lose that operations procedure which follows to make to the kid.And those positive emotions which it will be at it to test.Probably, you with some I will heat will hear also its first fairy tales, when on your strict question It who wetted panties, – Ku doll or misya bear will be distributed .

As the rack

Any great writer, any skilled speaker constantly connects imagination fruits to real supervision, and then we say that it is ingenious, at it rich vivid imagination that thoughts at it clear and substantial.As the rack of police dogs after an intense pursuit of a hare low comes back to the owner, having hung upthe heads and having drawn in tails so this lawless night bandits came back to a palace of Don of Rodrigo Mandzoni Betrothed.The imagination should exist in borders of real things.Their size, a form let's to reason force create.The visionary should have a stock of touch impressions.

They are always

Conversations on other scientists will suffice.They are always far from objects of the researches electric or chemical energy, life of microbes or stars.Let's talk about object of attention of the teacher, it too the person.It something interests bigger, than manifestations of children's mentality, it learns itselfhimself, and his soul shivers from contact with the same souls.Not the part of the life, but all life opens before it.Humility and patience of the scientist are limited to the external purposes to which researches are concentrated, at the teacher they fill all soul.Speech any more about humility and patience of the scientist, but about human virtues in their complete blossoming.

If the child

The abstract thinking submits to the rules studied by a science by logic, and is called therefore as logic thinking.Possibility it is correct to solve the practical or informative problem demanding participation of thinkin depends on, whether the child can allocate and connect those parties of a situation, property of subjects and the phenomena which are important, essential to its decision.If the child tries to predict, the subject will float or will drown, connecting buoyancy, for example, with subject size, he only can casually guess the decision as the property allocated with it actually is insignificant for swimming.The child who in the same situation connects ability of a body to float with a material of which it is made, allocates much more essential property; its assumptions will come true much more often, but besides not always.

The feeling

A positive side of aspiration to be recognized is the moral sense, or conscience.Conscience is summarized in everyday human relations in a word should.The feeling of obligation as the highest achievement of spiritual culture of mankind through education becomes achievement of the concrete personality.Moral formation of the personality will be organized by knowledge which are received by the child; moral habits of behavior which are acquired by the child in the course of communication with surrounding people; emotional experiences of the success and failure in relationship with other people.Throughout preschool age sensibleness degree from which children start to carry out behavior rules changes.

In comparison

Throughout preschool age continues raise dictionary structure of speech.In comparison with the early childhood the dictionary of the child a nik increases, as a rule, three times.Thus dictionary growth directly depends on living conditions and education; individual variations here are greater, than in any other area of mental development.The dictionary of the child preschool child quickly increases not only at the expense of nouns, but also verbs, pronouns, adjectives, numerals and connecting words.

M, At supervision

N.The child of a chimpanzee and the child of the person in their instincts, emotions, games, habits and expressive movements.M, At supervision of both kids the strong likeness in many game and emotional manifestations was found.But at the same time basic distinction acted also.It appeared that the chimpanzee cannot seize vertical gait and hands from circulation function on the ground.Though it also imitates many actions of the person, but this imitation does not conduct to the correct assimilation and improvement of the skills connected with the use of subjects of use and tools external drawing of action, instead of its sense seizes.

Though children

These distinctions concern first of all rate of mental development.Though children who are bringing up in the conditions of the same culture, also have known average terms of emergence of age crises of development, transition from one stage of development on another, it exactly average terms.At certain children they I can come both much earlier and considerably later.Still big distinctions are observed at rates of mastering by separate kinds of activity, developments of mental processes and qualities.Other child in four years still draws unclear , and another represents the little man standing about a lodge.

So itlives

It begins with that everywhere where it would liketo be present, will visit will glance, will feel, will sit, will roll about.So itlives space, having filled it invisible, but remaining inmemories of the child trajectories of the movements.Where it is necessary, leaves the floor ~nomochny representatives.Small will make ~ on a wall oron a door, more will hang up the drawings over a bed of mother to beto it is closer, will push it for the night under a pillow the doll, will put onbedside table plasticine figure.Children are more senior sometimes lead round a pencil drawing on wallpaper at thebeds, add spot contours on a wall that it turned out is occupied ~ny image, small hiding places in own quart ~ do for interest, i.

It it is old ~, she is an inventor, but the brother

It is the powerful engine of their activity.Tone is set by the sister.It it is old ~, she is an inventor, but the brother tries and does not lag behind, constantly glancingon it.There are no steps It is more interesting to those and whether you can quickly ~to reap The iron rod sticks out Learn to manoeuvre, then you will not be hooked.The sister invents different ways of a sjezzhaniye from a hill, which to the copier ~ the brother also improves.It appears, it is possible to use a crack betweenbottom edge of descent and the earth as a small springboard from which it is necessarydashingly to slide off and land during snow.

So, the fact

But if people around support independent speech, it can remain for a long time.So, the fact of the wrong speech development of uniovular twins Yura and Lyosha is known.Because of insufficient communication with adults and other children these twins communicated among themselves almost only by means of the independent speech which has developed at them.They used the lowdifferentiated sounds up to five years when them separated and to steel is directed to train in normal speech.Along with extension of the dictionary and specification of a pronunciation of words in the early childhood there is an assimilation of a grammatical system of the native language.

Adults create

The need arising in the early childhood for cooperation with the adult, interest to the immediate subject environment are connected with that, considering increasing possibilities of the child, adults change nature of communication with it, pass to communication concerning these or those subjects and actions.Adults create for the child the special world of specially adapted subjects a piramidka, a nested doll, a sandbox with which it is possible to carry out various subject actions.From start to demand known independence in selfservice that is impossible without assimilation of directions of use of subjects.


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