The doctor

The doctor The seller serves buyers.

The doctor treats patients, it is helped by the sister etc.

The aspiration to reproduce in game of relationship of adults leads to that the child starts to need partners who would play together with it.

From there is a need to agree with other children, together to organize the game including some roles.

In joint game children study communication language, learn to coordinate the actions with actions of another, study mutual understanding and mutual aid.

Association of children in joint game promotes further enrichment and complication of the content of games.

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To it tell

To it tell Do, as I.

The child in representation of adults matures, without developin and imitating.

As if the father speaks to the son Look, what I big.

By the evening when I will return from work, you should grow up on centimeters.

Education is simplified to a limit.

To the child read heroic history and order Be the hero.

To it tell about a good act and advise Be virtuous.

To it point to the unusual personality and demand Become great thinking that set the kid on the right path.

If children show aggression, malevolence them convince that they have everythin they should be happy, having parents.

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Fairy tales

Fairy tales; what character at it harmful, appeasable, the fighter, terribly timid, etc.

; that he very much does not love; that he likes to eat, for example, or to have a sleep; it possesses what properties in our option, for example, that see nobody the Invisible bein and all hear; think, as these its features can be beaten.

Fairy tales compose not only kids.

School students too willingly compose fairy tales.

And absolutely already the fantastic boom begins at many teenagers, both at boys, and at girls.

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You travelers, travelers

You travelers, travelers Do not straighten out.

And leave alone.

And – think, think … Lifesaver How to tell, that it wanted to listen Comfortably and in embraces.

Or, at least, having taken seat more densely near.

Tell slowly.

Smoothness of speech to the fairy tale very much it is necessary.

You are not athletes on a skateboard which are torn to the finish.

You travelers, travelers in the unknown worlds.

And then your speech – sample for the child.

the sample draws from you.

Copies your speech.

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At local children

At local children There always there are some long ice descents,filled in with adults.

At local children the festivities in this yard are called to go on a bomb.

In good winter weather there happens on ~ten children at the same time.

Behind an airraid shelter is twostoreyed ~tuyushchy building of kindergarten with the beatenout windows.

It costs on the openplace in a yard, it is looked through from all directions, and the homeless there not ~Photo M.


The pose of the ten years' boy hanging on a tree, is very characteristic it embodies those principles of research of possibilities of own body,which are typical for this purpose .

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