The knowledge

The knowledge The child chooses developing occupation and works hard, directed by interest to a touch material which helps it to distinguish one subject from another, to choose, argue, correct the mistakes.

The knowledge acquired by such way, is not only the reason of internal education, but also a motive power of progress.

Passing from simple objects to more and more difficult, the kid becomes the owner of the knowledge, moreover, by means of an internal order and the reached skills creates character.

So, providing to pupils freedom, we leave them on care of own reason, instead of an instinct as it is considered to be, meaning by the word instinct that is inherent in animals.

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The etymology

The etymology Here ours I become similar onoctopus who stretched in different directions the feelers, having fixed onstones and seabed ledges, and successfully resists to a current.

Puteshestvennik~passazhir, on the contrary, comes off the acquaintance and an abutment ~chivy also it appears in a situation where all around floatingly, it is fluid, ~stoyanno types behind transport windows flash, enter and leave ~my people around.

The etymology of the word passenger says that itthe person moving through and that permanently also costs ~but on a place.

By and large, the most reliable and stable element from ~menchivy situations round the passenger he is, its own I.

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Therefore, though

Therefore, though Therefore, though in kindergarten on occupations with children widely use game receptions of trainin tasks on drawin designing etc.

, gradually start to give them and educational tasks where before the child set the direct purpose to learn something new.

Performance of educational tasks is based on growing inquisitiveness of children, emergence in them informative interests.

Educational tasks are directed on training of children to the beginnings of mathematics, the diploma, their acquaintance with natural phenomena and public life, on formation at them the koordinirovanny movements, some skills in the field of musical activity singin rhythmics, etc.

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Share cares

Share cares Researches show that if the father is involved in care of the kid from the moment of the birth, and during life it will be a reliable support to the child.

Involve the father in care of the kid.

Washin change of diapers, feedin calm allthese manipulations can do and the father.

Share cares of the kid.

Trust each other.

The tummy of the kid starts to work as an alarm clock.

The child wakes up, when is hungry, and fills up, when is full.

V Jrd WEEK Researches show that women who are helped by husbands, feel motherhood more sharply.

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So why and to us not to use Its recipe

So why and to us not to use Its recipe And also fantasts and storytellers, screenwriters and directors.

So why and to us not to use Its recipe is very simple the different undertake components, develop in one heap and properly mix up.


To take – to combine – to mix, that's all.

And from such reconfusion that always turns out, brand new and entertaining.

And to confuse it is possible differently to mix the hero and the fairy tale to mix two different fairy tales everything to mix And then of this confusion to get out.

It is very convenient way when it is necessary to borrow with something urgently the child, and anythin well, to the head does not come.

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