One likes

One likesAnd on the contrary, there are adult people, which, as children, ~ to develop a creative approach in development of transport and an urban environmentalso put to itself new research tasks in compliance with the adultsto possibilities.

One likes to go by different cars.

It is carried away by process on ~ the driver, ready to bring up, interestingly to learn character of the driver onto how it operates car.

It tried almost all brands ~is more white and is proud of that went for work on a fuel truck, on ambulance,by the collector car, gaishny, technical help, grocery and onlyfrom superstition did not use funeral special transport.

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It is not displayed, and simply

It is not displayed, and simply Rita ,, addresses to Lena ,, You will have here this counter shows a counter.

It is halved.

It is not displayed, and simply strip.

There will be a hedgeho and here a chicken shows on both ends.

Here if at it showing on Serezhu a hedgehog or a chicken, it encloses a hedgehog to a hedgehog.

And if the chicken, it to a chicken encloses.

And then it will have on that party a butterfly so you addressing to Lena and a butterfly will put.

Here and will play.

And if you, have no Lena.

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On the road

On the road If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDThe family goes to long automobile travel Travel on own car it is the most widespread and convenient type of rest.

You can stop, where and when necessary.

During car movement even whimsical children become quieter.

On the road it is not necessary to arrange competitions to other cars or to set up records for the speed.

Remember that in the car you answer not only for the safety, but also for safety of your kid.

Try to make travel pleasant for all his participants.

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Oncethe baby

Oncethe baby We at school had a girl, whose parents quite with hostility treated religion.

Despite interest to school occupations, she always felt restlessly.

Even receiving fine estimates, the child showed even more concern, irony as if suffered from disappointment.

Oncethe baby took aside the schoolmate and asked it to read Our Otche.

Having listened to a prayer, the girl, obeying an internal rush, went to a grand piano, her hands shivered.

The soul sought consolation.

Nothing could give it rest, besides the only thing its loving family tried to deprive of that.

The soul of the child lived, looked for the way As thirsting deer aspires to a source so my soul aspires to you, My God! It did not plunge yet into a gloom which so complicates to the adult person comprehension of the secret which is so available to the child.

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Do not exceed

Do not exceed Give to the kid plentiful drink.

Let's to the kid have a rest.

Do not dress him too warmly.

As the febrifugal can give paracetamol.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Attentively follow indications of the instruction.

Pay attention and to other symptoms of a disease.

When to call the doctor.

It is difficult not to panic, when at the kid body temperature is increased.

You want to know that occurred to the child, only or weeks, immediately address to the doctor.

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