The difference

The difference I understood them more clearly, than that is said by external voices.

I could not reproduce this voice if it is possible to call a voice something silent.

This voice created words and represented them to my consciousness.

Sacred Theresa life is filled with descriptions of similar events.

So she tries to let know to us, using absolutely improper here language of feelings what to devour seen not with the eyes, but soul.

The difference between the internal images arising at laymen, not so sacred people, and hallucinations of mentally ill people is notable.

At mentally ill people, owing to cerebral cortex excitement, the old images which have remained in touch memory, are reproduced and projected outside where, because of their external sensornost, are perceived sick as reality.

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We in Italy

We in Italy The pleasure is health inflow.

We in Italy have one more proof of influence of spirit on physical health.

After abolition of the death penalty in the country of criminals began to punish a life imprisonment.

In modern prisonschambers are arranged according to requirements of hygiene and cannot formally put harm to health.

However in the chamber there is no spiritual food.

Naked gray stone walls, a narrow strip of the earth where it is possible to breathe fresh air.

Round prison the fine nature, but hidden from eyes of the prisoner.

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As soon as the experimenter

As soon as the experimenter Actually the experimenter solved, to whom to be successful.

It is interesting to note that that child to whom constantly carried, appeared on special situation in relation to two soon unsuccessful.

Two united against the successful they expressed every possible displeasure in its occasion, remembered itformer faults before them and its offenses of the general character.

As soon as the experimenter changed a situation and success got to another, very quickly there was a regrouping in the relations of children new successful also got to a situation of emotional isolation.

The laying claim child needs to be empathized recognized, to rejoice pleasures of the winner.

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§ Preconditions

§ Preconditions Only subsequently, at preschool age, these parties will merge, creating a basis for mastering by more difficult forms of thinking.

§ Preconditions of formation of the personality in the early childhood During mental development of the child occurs not only assimilation of various actions and formation of mental processes and the qualities necessary for their performance.

The child gradually seizes forms of behavior peculiar to the person in society and, the main thin by those internal lines which distinguish the person as the member of society and its acts determine.

The adult person is guided in behavior by mainly realized motives it realizes why in this case it is necessary to arrive exactly so, instead of differently.

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Simple recipesAs

Simple recipesAs Remembered make, that's all.

If to do it NekrasovasZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

quite regularly, the general raises an organism,ulybchivost and tranquillity.

In principle, allsoothing and obshcheozdorovitelny effect prayers, psalms, mantras etc.


They should be applied and at communication with children and they at carry not less advantage, than at communication with the priest.

Simple recipesAs soon as you passed away, to you alreadysimple recipes can quite help.

Do not erase on trifles.

Letbig washing in kotois gatheredswarm also children uchastvo, by the way, can, but liberate during a weekit is more than time for life.

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