In development

In development Possibility to catch property of a melody to isolate sounds in a word arises and develops as the preschool child himself seizes ability to change movement of the voice device according to features of heard sounds, to reproduce them.

In development of acoustical perception essential value and movements of hands, feet, all case.

Being arranged to a rhythm of pieces of music or verses, movements help the child to isolate it see the nd flyleaf, at the left, above.

The child starts to show feeling of a rhythm actively and out of perception of music or verses, itself making rhythmic movements and saying words in a certain rhythm.

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But where

But where Namely so – a symbols and in the way – thinks of our subconsciousness.

But where to take it is so much fairy tales that sufficed on everything life experiences In the heart, the head and – in this book.

Here you will find helps how to compose own fairy tales, for own children.

Adventure, informative, romantic, heroic … at you it is easy it will turn out, here only it is important to begin, only to allow any to the fairy tale to squeeze into doors of our usual world.

Once upon a time there were … and Once long ago …, and further – that at you before eyes or on to soul.

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Where children's group

Where children's group The choice becomes in favor of the smalland thin, less independent, more toy.

Now bared ~ the space is desert, there nobody plays there is nothing to be attached,it is difficult to adhere game to a naked, dead place.

Where children's group and game life boils, usually prospersand the children's subculture, helping to direct and socially to issue about ~shcheniye and game.

Not without reason names of separate types of children's folkloreadults often adhere to those places where children to them actively use ~ street schitalka and draznilka, domestic games, folklore ~ny lavatories and pottery kindergarten.

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Where turn

Where turnV~tretyikh, a lavatory this place lonely, boundary, not mannedpeople, but noted by presence of terrible beings even in most ~to binka where the child enters there it is possible to meet a lot of thick ~~, stretched the web, hard buzzing dark blue flies,the hornet's nests stuck to a lintel.

Where turn everywhere ~ with ~ small, but the aggressive owner of this place, andthe person who has settled down in a lavatory, appears at some pointthe absolutely defenseless.

In general the impression that the increased unattractiveness is madeour lavatories and an abundance of frightening details of their internal deviceeven in house rural nuzhnik where it is so easy to give everything in ~dock, are caused not only low household culture of the population.

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It is clear

It is clear Look, what it beautiful! the little girl suddenly speaks, admiring snowdrift.

It is clear that to clean such beauty to it it would not be desirable.

Toy wars Unforeseen stop.

Also what now to do But mother appeared at height.

Arin, let's put to a wall closer.

In a package we will clean and we will put, and that somebody will go, will touch, will break.

Having a little thought, the girl agrees.

Full order and clean floor.

Snowdrift in cellophane packing perfectly looks in a corner.

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