Figurative, rhymed, easily

Figurative, rhymed, easilyCenturies texts of the parent passed from father to sonthe folklore, turned to children.

In them appeared fixed ~ly successful according to the contents and in a form ways of training of the child ~niya of own body.

Figurative, rhymed, easily being remembered flew ~ pestushka, poteshka, fingertype games were wellknown.

And therefore eventhe silliest and careless teacher who used them, will ~bondage developed the child according to put in these texts a sack ~turny program of development of space corporal I.

If we address to other genres of parent folklore, ~measures to lullabies to songs, and there we will find presence cultural about ~the gram which purpose is symbolical representation of the main about ~stranstvenny coordinates of the world where the child after birth entered.

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Arrange diapers

Arrange diapersTry to find forces for maintenance of a good sincere spirit.

We will tell you about some cunnings which will help to facilitate your burden slightly.

Arrange diapers and clean clothes of kids at once in chetyrekhfive places in the house.

It will allow you to keep energy and more time to give to kids.

Take care of itself.

Try to leave the house everyone The th WEEK of times when such opportunity is given.

Well eat and have a rest, when your children sleep.

Try to keep the energy.

Invite the assistant on the care of children at some o'clock in day.

Invite the assistant on an economy.

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In this

In this Real and imagined in children's drawing.

One more factor causing an orientation of the maintenance of children's drawings, extent of orientation of the child on real and imagined reality is.

On a substantial orientation of children's drawings we can conditionally divide children into realists and dreamers the first represent subjects and natural phenomena, real events of ordinary life of people; the second the impracticable desires, dreams and dreams.

In this regard it is necessaryspecially to note that, the children become more senior, the more often in drawings dreams and desires are presented.

Besides, it is possible to point to interest of children to absolutely special fantastic world.

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The simplest

The simplest So, if you leave not on couple of hours, and more, leave explanations and interesting occupation for the .

For the kid if mother leaves for all day it is possible to make Sun travel.

The simplest option – on magnetic board attach day regimen the spoon, a plate is a breakfast, a bed – it is a dream, the path and a tree is a walk; etc Play several times with the kid in such fairy tale as the sun goes on the sky, and the kid and mother – that they do in it we say lies on the earth.

Movement the sun it is necessary to connect with a day regimen – and to move on health.

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Protect the child

Protect the child What to do.

At an early stage of an illness, in active vysypaniye, it is necessary to isolate the child from contact to other children and adults.

For decrease in temperature and reduction of discomfort give to the child an age dosage .

Give to the kid liquid enough.

Look after skin of the child.

It should be pure.

Bathe the child in warm, but not to hot water.

It will help to reduce an itch.

Call the pediatrist.

It will arrive to you and will examine the child.

Protect the child from measles by means of preventive inoculations! When to call the doctor.

If measles are accompanied by high temperature, irritation and skin or accession of a secondary infection call the doctor.

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