I now felt

I now felt Supervision were conducted for the child who has not received any religious education.

Once he burst out crying without any visible reason.

Mother who has run up with questions, the kid answered I remembered, how two months ago on the street tormented a puppy.

I now felt it.

In a year the same repeated.

In the evenin looking at the moon and the star sky, the child again began to cry.

Do not abuse me he told to parents looking in the sky, I felt, how many chagrin caused to you, and I understood that offended God.

This interesting research shows us stages of natural development of moral consciousness.

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Children But further situation changes.

Development of joint activity and formation of children's society lead to that the gain of a positive assessment of contemporaries and their sympathy becomes one of effective motives of behavior.

Children especially try to win sympathy of those contemporaries which are pleasant to them also which are popular in group.

In the preschool childhood motives of vanity, selfaffirmation develop.

Their starting point arising at a boundary of the early childhood and preschool age separation of from other people, the relation to the adult as to an example of behavior.

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Principles In conditions where there is racial discrimination, the small child can become very quickly on a position of the representative of surpassing race and to incur in itself a set of those defects which is generated by psychology white, above other races, or to become on other party on a position outcast that will inevitably lead to inferiority complex development.

Principles of the Declaration proclaim that to the child full possibility for games and entertainments should be provided.

So, for development of the child society creates toys which define features of the content of childish subject sports, features of an orientation of the child on the world of people.

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Yes, it was the small

Yes, it was the small The Worm included the small lamp, looked round around and saw that on the next tree, on the highest branch, the beautiful cries being.

– You who – the Glowworm asked.

– I am a Butterfly.

And I was lost.

Yes, it was the small butterfly.

Describe – compose together with the child as it, the butterfly, looks, relying on experience of the kid.

It told to the Glowworm as did not obey mother.

As did not want to sleep in the bed from flower petals dark blue, red, yellow.

As departed and lost the way.

I will help you, fly after me! – the Glowworm worm told.

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BoysoftenOn a dustbin of a thing it is possible to throw, kick, break, trample down.

Boysoften go there to beat about asphalt glass bottles.

Or having sharply distributed ~ a foot densely closed plastic bottle which bursts withloud sound.

Children realize the aggressive desires.

It is characteristic for ~written the author the dialogue occurring between two boys of yearsto twelve.

They investigated a lot of garbage about the container, raspinyvytheir feet.

And here one of them rolled away aside big plastic ~ and with concentration looks for ~ still.

The friend asks it That youthere you look for The boy answers I want to torment here a bottle and a stopper fromit I can not find in any way.

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