So itlives

So itlives It begins with that everywhere where it would liketo be present, will visit will glance, will feel, will sit, will roll about.

So itlives space, having filled it invisible, but remaining inmemories of the child trajectories of the movements.

Where it is necessary, leaves the floor ~nomochny representatives.

Small will make ~ on a wall oron a door, more will hang up the drawings over a bed of mother to beto it is closer, will push it for the night under a pillow the doll, will put onbedside table plasticine figure.

Children are more senior sometimes lead round a pencil drawing on wallpaper at thebeds, add spot contours on a wall that it turned out is occupied ~ny image, small hiding places in own quart ~ do for interest, i.

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It it is old ~, she is an inventor, but the brother

It it is old ~, she is an inventor, but the brother It is the powerful engine of their activity.

Tone is set by the sister.

It it is old ~, she is an inventor, but the brother tries and does not lag behind, constantly glancingon it.

There are no steps It is more interesting to those and whether you can quickly ~to reap The iron rod sticks out Learn to manoeuvre, then you will not be hooked.

The sister invents different ways of a sjezzhaniye from a hill, which to the copier ~ the brother also improves.

It appears, it is possible to use a crack betweenbottom edge of descent and the earth as a small springboard from which it is necessarydashingly to slide off and land during snow.

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So, the fact

So, the fact But if people around support independent speech, it can remain for a long time.

So, the fact of the wrong speech development of uniovular twins Yura and Lyosha is known.

Because of insufficient communication with adults and other children these twins communicated among themselves almost only by means of the independent speech which has developed at them.

They used the lowdifferentiated sounds up to five years when them separated and to steel is directed to train in normal speech.

Along with extension of the dictionary and specification of a pronunciation of words in the early childhood there is an assimilation of a grammatical system of the native language.

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Adults create

Adults create The need arising in the early childhood for cooperation with the adult, interest to the immediate subject environment are connected with that, considering increasing possibilities of the child, adults change nature of communication with it, pass to communication concerning these or those subjects and actions.

Adults create for the child the special world of specially adapted subjects a piramidka, a nested doll, a sandbox with which it is possible to carry out various subject actions.

From start to demand known independence in selfservice that is impossible without assimilation of directions of use of subjects.

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