If the child

If the child The abstract thinking submits to the rules studied by a science by logic, and is called therefore as logic thinking.

Possibility it is correct to solve the practical or informative problem demanding participation of thinkin depends on, whether the child can allocate and connect those parties of a situation, property of subjects and the phenomena which are important, essential to its decision.

If the child tries to predict, the subject will float or will drown, connecting buoyancy, for example, with subject size, he only can casually guess the decision as the property allocated with it actually is insignificant for swimming.

The child who in the same situation connects ability of a body to float with a material of which it is made, allocates much more essential property; its assumptions will come true much more often, but besides not always.

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The feeling

The feeling A positive side of aspiration to be recognized is the moral sense, or conscience.

Conscience is summarized in everyday human relations in a word should.

The feeling of obligation as the highest achievement of spiritual culture of mankind through education becomes achievement of the concrete personality.

Moral formation of the personality will be organized by knowledge which are received by the child; moral habits of behavior which are acquired by the child in the course of communication with surrounding people; emotional experiences of the success and failure in relationship with other people.

Throughout preschool age sensibleness degree from which children start to carry out behavior rules changes.

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In comparison

In comparison Throughout preschool age continues raise dictionary structure of speech.

In comparison with the early childhood the dictionary of the child a nik increases, as a rule, three times.

Thus dictionary growth directly depends on living conditions and education; individual variations here are greater, than in any other area of mental development.

The dictionary of the child preschool child quickly increases not only at the expense of nouns, but also verbs, pronouns, adjectives, numerals and connecting words.

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M, At supervision

M, At supervision N.

The child of a chimpanzee and the child of the person in their instincts, emotions, games, habits and expressive movements.

M, At supervision of both kids the strong likeness in many game and emotional manifestations was found.

But at the same time basic distinction acted also.

It appeared that the chimpanzee cannot seize vertical gait and hands from circulation function on the ground.

Though it also imitates many actions of the person, but this imitation does not conduct to the correct assimilation and improvement of the skills connected with the use of subjects of use and tools external drawing of action, instead of its sense seizes.

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Though children

Though children These distinctions concern first of all rate of mental development.

Though children who are bringing up in the conditions of the same culture, also have known average terms of emergence of age crises of development, transition from one stage of development on another, it exactly average terms.

At certain children they I can come both much earlier and considerably later.

Still big distinctions are observed at rates of mastering by separate kinds of activity, developments of mental processes and qualities.

Other child in four years still draws unclear , and another represents the little man standing about a lodge.

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