If ~ happens, he will

If ~ happens, he will The forward door is closer to the driver, which dale ~wives to be attentive to weak.

If ~ happens, he will heartheir shout quicker, than published.

So conversation on people in transport will reveal to the child secret of, how themrelationship is symbolically fixed in the organization of the socialbus spaces.

And it will be interesting to younger teenagers to think how to chooseto itself in transport a place, from where it is possible to observe all, and most to be ~the mint.

Or as it is possible to see eyes a situation round itself, standing to allback The idea is close and attractive to the teenager conscious ~ the person of the position in a social situation and existence different that ~the check of sight for it, possibilities of cunning game with them for example, ~reflection vaniye in a mirror window etc.

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Fairy tales

Fairy tales If support is not present also a difficultyproblem are not overcome, in the past it is possible to hang.

And it, naturally, disturbs, as the weight which has been hung up on a foot, to move forward.

Fairy tales in to any measure can become such useful kickback, a withdrawal, timely retreat in happy days and a consolation, they will help the child to experience very important condition you nearby, you love, you always protect it.

Certainly, it does not mean that you should read aloud the Chicken , and it – to you attentively to listen and pictures to consider.

Though such happens.

Senior Alex, the cool guy and the most otjyavlenny in the small town, managed to catch flu.

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The main

The main The fairy tale about a doll Katya who became such big that presented pampers to a small doll to Julia, and itself began to do – on a pot.

The fairy tale about the fast hare, which quicker than the Bear rode and sat down on a pot.

The fairy tale about the boy of the Sweetie, which itself learned to write and pulled on itself panties.

The main thing here – to lose that operations procedure which follows to make to the kid.

And those positive emotions which it will be at it to test.

Probably, you with some I will heat will hear also its first fairy tales, when on your strict question It who wetted panties, – Ku doll or misya bear will be distributed .

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As the rack

As the rack Any great writer, any skilled speaker constantly connects imagination fruits to real supervision, and then we say that it is ingenious, at it rich vivid imagination that thoughts at it clear and substantial.

As the rack of police dogs after an intense pursuit of a hare low comes back to the owner, having hung upthe heads and having drawn in tails so this lawless night bandits came back to a palace of Don of Rodrigo Mandzoni Betrothed.

The imagination should exist in borders of real things.

Their size, a form let's to reason force create.

The visionary should have a stock of touch impressions.

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They are always

They are always Conversations on other scientists will suffice.

They are always far from objects of the researches electric or chemical energy, life of microbes or stars.

Let's talk about object of attention of the teacher, it too the person.

It something interests bigger, than manifestations of children's mentality, it learns itselfhimself, and his soul shivers from contact with the same souls.

Not the part of the life, but all life opens before it.

Humility and patience of the scientist are limited to the external purposes to which researches are concentrated, at the teacher they fill all soul.

Speech any more about humility and patience of the scientist, but about human virtues in their complete blossoming.

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