Clean! Toy wars

Clean! Toy wars force to do nothing! Let all unpleasant emotions connected with your pressure and with its opposition will be forgotten.

Clean! Toy wars I will not be.

Clean!!! I will not be!!! Why to you such dialogue You will not be, well and it is not necessary.

I clean itself.

Expensive toys, give I will classify you, on yashchichka, in your favourite places.

Also start them to display.

Joyfully, with enthusiasm.

If you are afraid and it is not vain that the room fast will turn into a huge dump, put things in order.

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For a thousand

For a thousand Let's put at first one bead unit, then a core with ten beads length about cm ten, then a sotenny chain cm one hundred and, at last, a thousand chain in length about meters.

,, it is possible to spread out on a table, to investigate with convenience.

For a thousand chain there will be no also whole class.

It is necessary to leave in a corridor, even in a yard.

To one person not under force to spread out a thousand chain some children should stretch patiently it, and then it is necessary to pass still many steps to see a chain entirely.

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Strengthen night or day dream of the kid.

When you reserve tickets, take care of that all members of the family sat next.

Strengthen luggage bags additional belts.

If you have a harmonious carriage umbrella, take it with itself.

On a carriage it is much more convenient to overcome huge spaces of halls of the airport.

Try to arrive to the airport for minutes earlier, than you do it usually.

Probably, it is required to check a children's chair or to change a diaper.

Dress the kid in soft, convenient clothes.

Take in salon pair of blankets.

Before landing in the plane change to the kid a diaper.

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The child

The childIn the direction to an order Once having entered into work, having learned, the child works persistently, and we see on graphics a normal mode, that is initial work, a pause the child comes back for a while to bad habit to disturb another, then the line of a lot of work and rest where line falling return to former shortcomings again repeats.

At schedule tops, except interest to work, the teacher noted goodwill.

The child is not simply quiet, it is happy, gentle.

On dive of work looks back at friends, smiles to them, without interruptin however, the intense work.

Speak, the full internal satisfaction is a source of the love arising from depth of soul.

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As met then

As met then the small lamp and they departed.

And further there are variations as the butterfly met mother, as both they rejoiced and to the Glowworm told Thanks.

As met then Glowworm to Muravyishka, zaplutavshy among blades, and as to it helped.

And as the small spider repaired the web under light it small lamp and as they cheerfully talked.

And as at a dawn, when there was a sun, played game of tag with the Grasshopper.


– as it will want.

Now every evening the small Glowworm leaves on the watch.

Both looks, and listens.

Also meets a miscellaneous insects.

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