Oncethe baby

Oncethe baby We at school had a girl, whose parents quite with hostility treated religion.

Despite interest to school occupations, she always felt restlessly.

Even receiving fine estimates, the child showed even more concern, irony as if suffered from disappointment.

Oncethe baby took aside the schoolmate and asked it to read Our Otche.

Having listened to a prayer, the girl, obeying an internal rush, went to a grand piano, her hands shivered.

The soul sought consolation.

Nothing could give it rest, besides the only thing its loving family tried to deprive of that.

The soul of the child lived, looked for the way As thirsting deer aspires to a source so my soul aspires to you, My God! It did not plunge yet into a gloom which so complicates to the adult person comprehension of the secret which is so available to the child.

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