Prygunki allow

Prygunki allow If the child sleeps in one bed with adults, do not use down pillows and quilts.

The mattress should be firm.

Besides, you should exclude reception of alcoholic beverages as distribution of a smell of alcohol can badly influence the child.

Children's prygunka Prygunki this special adaptation which consists of a children's chair, an elastic powerful spring and cables.

Being in prygunka, the child can jump, make some steps.

Prygunki allow the kid to see world around in a new way absolutely.

The soft, conveniently designed chair supporting a body of the child at jumps, allows to be in space without support of the adult person.

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Childhood L.




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Childhood and society.


, Children's subculture in space and timeAs a whole it is possible to tell that the children's subculture allocates is defined ~ny set of difficult communicative situations, regularly reproducing ~ in life of children of years for which develops steady ~reotipny strategy of the correct behavior, provided to a sootvetstvo ~yushchy verbal cliches.

Usually these strategy to some extentaccustom the members of children's community becoming by carrierschildren's subculture.

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The clever

The clever So, in intellectual exercises repetition not only improves process, but also accelerates it.

At school as the clever consider the pupil who not simply understands, but understands quickly.

The sluggish, learning set volume for longer term, we will tell in two years, instead of in a year, is called as lagging behind.

The clever child disregards nothin he is always collected, ready to perception of any incentives.

The balance of good scales depends on the slightest change of cargo, and the sensitive brain also sensitively reacts to each appeal, instantly associates.

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It demands

It demands Conscious participation in productive work assumes first of all understanding of public value of work, desire to carry out the action which result is useful to other people.

It demands also ability to operate together with others, together to achieve receiving the set product.

Work demands a known level of development of the thinkin allowing to plan the actions and to provide their results.

Especially high requirements are shown by work to strongwilled qualities to ability to subordinate action of a definite purpose, meaningly to regulate, overcome them arising difficulties.

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But its studying

But its studying It turns out, we are engaged for a long time with children in grammar, it is necessary to continue only.

It seems, this very difficult occupation.

Well also that Grammar this scarecrow not less awful, than a terrible ancient way of training to reading and the letter.

But its studying can turn into the fascinating occupation conducting to finding of remarkable things.

The child sees, how the phrase leaves from under his feather, and is happy, as was happy once, having combined the first word.

The grammar is wonderful! When it kindly and unostentatiously helps to build offers, it any more will not confuse with that monster which dismembers the phrase so that it is impossible to understand anything.

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